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    Monday, April 20, 2009

    My Hyperlocal Community

    As print publications continue to fold in the face of a struggling economy and penny-pinching advertisers, the internet has become the triumphant vehicle for delivering news. It's quicker, more easily updated, and more cost effective than print. And with the emergence and popularity of social media, consumers are now broadcasters, commentators, and reporters. They're 'reporting' on news that's most relevant to them, and in many cases, this means news that affects where they work, play, and live. While this information may only be useful to some, its extreme relevancy makes it very meaningful, and is being referred to as hyperlocal news. Hyperlocal content is helping build communities of people who are interested in the same information.

    To understand just how interested people really are in hyperlocal content, I've decided to leverage Twitter to report on my own neighbourhood, using the intersection where I live as the landmark for my community. My new Twitter account will be a barometer to not only measure what traction I can gain through Twitter, but to understand what level of engagement I can achieve with my own neighbours. I am fascinated with the idea of the web changing how we live and the relationships we form.

    Stay tuned for updates on how my Twitter community develops.

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    1. The problem with local is that if you are local you don't think of the web. Your local dentist doesn't think he needs to be findable on the web. This will change when the facebook generation becomes your local dentist. Until then local will be hit and miss at best.