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    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    Power To The People - The Amazon Example

    It's old news by now that Amazon has been slaughtered this past week after all adult (a.k.a gay and lesbian) titles disappeared from their bestseller lists. Only 57,310 books affected, but, hey, who's counting? Probably the loads and loads of Twitterers, who made the tags #amazonfail and #glitchmyass rank highest in Twitter popularity for days.

    I won't continue with the reprimand of Amazon - they say it was a 'cataloging error' - who am I to disagree?! Well, I'm part of what appears to be the most powerful generation ever. A generation of people, young and old, I might add, who have found a voice in the digital world. A generation of individuals who are using social networking sites to broadcast their opinions across the globe. And in doing so, they are finding power in collective thought - power in their published words - power in the simple ability to share their points of view.

    Power to the people. Word.

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